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Category Tunnels
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Created 2010-12-20
Owner wendlo
Title of the Dream Wisdom ignored
Description of Dream

I guess I am going to call the dream I had last night wisdom ignored because it starts out with a man of wisdom standing before a group of men of greed in suits. He is trying to tell them what they should be doing but all the men in suits can do is grab bags of gold and shove it in big sacks. They keep ignoring the man in the center but smile at him. In the back ground there are giant tracktors digging and building homes that are covered with dirt dragging their bags of gold into the homes along with  pictures and statues and other items of art. All the while the men of greed ignore the danger coming smiling and saying look see we have bags of gold and you don't.

A rumbling like an Earthquake starts to happen and all the men with bags of gold crawl into their homes and close the doors. the man speaking in the center just starts to weep and say woe is mankind. The earth shakes and a bright light enters from the northwest. Huge storms, Earthquakes, Blistering heat with people walking aimlessly crying we need water, starvation, floods, all is a confusion of misery. People living in large cities fighting for trash  what once was poor farmers now have huge bags of beans with dollar signs on them. Somehow I am a wanderer and kids and others come to me to teach them what little I know. Then I am outside the homes under the ground hearing the cries for help They scream help us we will give you bags of gold but gold hasn't any value and the people above can't do a thing to help for the people have dug their own tombs.

Then what once was many are now a few. they sit eagerly listening to the few with wisdom speaking in the center of the courtyard. No bags of gold but lots of green. Plants coming out sacks besides the ones listening. I am off showing how to make bricks and power.

I know this sounds like a bleak dream. I don't always have dreams like that but most of my dreams are those of building and happy thoughts. Lately these dreams come more frequent but 

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