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Category Tunnels
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Created 2010-05-26
Owner Texasdancer
Title of the Dream Tunnels, lizard men, chameleon skin
Description of Dream

My second attempt to post this dream.  I placed this dream under earth tunnels because I discovered on the web that Chamelion comes from a root word that means earth and there were tunnels in the dream. Thanks for looking.


Recently, I had an interesting reoccur ring dream with a new twist.  In the dream I met a Mexican-Latino family with a cute kindergartner child (I am Caucasian).  The parents needed to do some things so I said I would entertain the child – babysit.  I asked the young boy if he wanted to see a secret. He was excited.  I took him to a hospital where I had been a military patient in prior dreams and I showed him the hidden catacombs, hallways and passages beneath the hospital, that I had explored out of boredom, which led to a secret stair case that further led to a beautiful secret wing and spire above the hospital.  However the underground hallways were dark and relatively unknown by most hospital staff; the only entities that used the hidden hallways in this dream was a lizard like humanoid.  In the dream I recall opening an emergency exit and instructing the boy not to worry. I told him that we would enter and then pass through the hallways quickly toward the stair well which was totally safe.  Also, some sort of human military men had cleared the hallways years prior as skeletons with body armor, weapons and gear rested sporadically where they fell from battle throughout the corridor.  So, I felt it would be safe if we quickly and quietly passed through since some para-military had obviously cleared the halls at some historical point in time. As the child and I entered the halls I picked up an M16 from a corpse.  He and I moved toward the hidden stair well and were followed by two lizard like men.  The two lizard entities caught up with us just as we reached the lit and illuminated stairwell which led up to the hidden wing of the hospital. 


The most interesting part of the dream… the child and I stepped into the light and the Lizard men were reluctant to step out of the darkness (common in my dreams).  The skin of the lizard humanoids was a very beautiful rainbow of various shades of greens and browns and their skin reminded me of the exact skin of the chameleon lizard and the shocking part of the dream was that the human child was scared by the pursuing creatures and the human child, in my dream, had, as a defense mechanism, changed his skin color to match the lizard like pursuers in attempt to fool them.  The creatures were shocked too from the child’s ability and the two of them ventured into the light, which hurt them, in order to grab the child.  I blasted them with the M-16 as they passed through the door into the electric stairwell light.  I clearly saw that the lizard men and the human child had the same skin.  With the only difference being that the child’s colors were actually more vivid and some blotches of color put out some florescent light which would have illuminated the dark hallways – and the child could revert back to human skin tone.  I was taken back and amazed by the child’s new ability and then I heard an audible deep voice in the supernatural confront me and it said “you have always been able to do this too”  hence, this divine voice implied that I could change my skin to colors on demand also. Not that I did in this dream.  The dream ended and continues with us both visiting the beautiful hidden wing and beautiful spires with magnificent views from above the hospital  The final note was that the elevated wing of the hospital was not visible to the naked eye unless you were aware of it. It was hidden by some technology.

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