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Category Places
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Created 2010-10-09
Owner Alaira1
Title of the Dream New world, new reality.
Description of Dream

There are a bunch of us, (ie. men, women, children). We are walking up/on a hillside. The surroundings are beautiful & very earthlike. Green grass, sparse trees, lots of hills. The temperature is perfect, warm, breezy & sunlight. Some of us go into a school-like building. The feeling was the children were there to learn & participate in something & us parents were there to observe (either a father or a mother, not both: the sense was there was only one parent per child in existance there). Only one of my children was there, I don't know where my other children were, but it didn't feel like they were in existance there either. As I think about the dream now I think all the  children were female & I'm not completely certain which of my daughters was there, though I think it was my second child.  There is a male teacher there & he keeps looking at me as if he is attracted to me, but I do not feel the same about him. At one point he puts his hand on my left shoulder to thank me for dealing with a question of a student's father, but the teacher kept his hand on my left shoulder for an uncomfortable amount of time. I keep thinking how am I going to get out of this situation. Suddenly we are all on a hillside looking over another hillside village. I, in my mind, can see the blackness of outer space as if I am in a ship. I can see stars & planets as we fly past them. Then I am back on the hillside. A crescent shaped ufo soars in & hovers above this village, then shoots out these very long, metal-like, tethers. In my mind I heard, "they go from planet to planet, universe to dimension taking resources & leaving. No communication with inhabitants. They come, they take, they go."  Suddenly I am in another place. Like an underground city where people work demeaning & degrading jobs, just to get by. I get a phone call to work that evening, I say yes, but later get very angry & refuse to go in to this establishment & work.  The End.

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