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Created 2010-06-28
Owner daisiray1975
Title of the Dream Tornados
Description of Dream

I was laying in my bed just kind of thinking and I got the "feeling" that I was supposed to take a "nap" as i was to be "told" something.  As I started to drift to sleep, I could feel my body entering the same "state" as when I practice the Hemi-Sync exercises... going into conscious awareness.  I do not know what time the dream began... I am not positive what time I fell asleep... it was sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 - so the dream lasted about an hour.  It was only ONE FLOWING dream.  It had a very clear beginning and a clear ending.  
I was in a building downtown louisville, ky.... I think maybe the short square humana building... but it seemed more like the glass condo building next to slugger field...  I was in one of the top floor penthouses... I went outside to look at the sky and i saw a clouds covering the entire sky like a blanket... couldn't see much... but I had a feeling that something was going on... then i saw a small hole in the clouds and I could see more clouds above that cloud swirling in the opposite direction.... so i KNEW tornados were coming.  I could look around in the distance and see tornados starting to form like little dips in the clouds.  so i went back up to the penthouse to "warn" scott - and a different lady was in the shower with her small son, she had long dirty-blond hair.  I apologized for walking in on her and told her that a tornado was coming.  I went back out into the living room and looked out the window to downtown Louisville, I could see the Providian Building and the PNC Building about to be engulfed in these "twin" F3/F5 tornados... and they were headed straight for me.  the fleeting thought came to mind to "run" and try and get out of harms way...but immediately following that was a sense of peace and calm... that NO.  This must be my time... and I became totally at peace with leaving this earth... almost excited about what may lay ahead on the other side.  I closed my eyes and began to feel this tingily wave wash over me... In my mind I was assuming that the tornado had already struck and I was no longer in my physical body.  I could feel myself "floating" ... almost "flying" in what felt like my physical body.  within a second or two, I was flying over blue waters... it was absolutely amazing. Like I was flying over the blue, blue ocean.   And then all of a sudden.  I was standing up in a completely DIFFERENT location - I want to say that it was OUT of STATE - as it seemed to take a long while to get back to Louisville, Kentucky.  I don't recall HOW i got home... just that it took a while.  Of course, after arriving back in Louisville, the devestation was very obvious - much WORSE that the 1970's Tornado that hit the highlands - this one hit downtown and most every building was hit and all windows were blown out.  The large square building that I was in, actually fell over into the Ohio river - it was completely destroyed.

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