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Category Landslides
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Created 2010-10-05
Owner Alaira1
Title of the Dream The rolling cloud of black & grey
Description of Dream

Here is what stands out in this dream:

All the buildings in the city/town/villiage were made of stone and not very tall. Tall enough to walk into, but not like we live in today. I remember a female that was infatuated with me. (I am female, but I don't know if I was in the dream).  There was a computer that was concious of itself and through the woman, it also became obsessed with me. Everywhere I went the computer conciousness was there on someones' computer through something similar to the internet, but it was centralized to this city/town/village. The ground on slightly shook and suddenly I found myself either floating in the air or I am a giant. I can see over the city/town/village and there is at first a cloud of smog or dust, then a loud rolling cloud of blackness is thundering down onto the village. I sense myself both down on the ground as my normal self & above the city. I sense death for myself and the others and there is no use trying to run....it's too late. India, New Delhi, Indonesia are the names that came to me as I was waking up from the dream.

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