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Category Earthquake
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Created 2010-11-24
Owner Wolfy
Title of the Dream Yellowstone Caldera Tips
Description of Dream

I was in an unremarkable room or place - what was remarkable was the giant screen TV before me, which changed channels as each news story about Yellowstone concluded:  In one, the reporter talked about the rise in temperature and toxins within the W. Yellowstone lake. The reporter was a female, and talked of how difficult it had been to deal with the Park Service and gov't officials towing the line in saying nothing unusual was happening at the lake. Yet she managed to film large fishkills and take multiple water temps and samples which then went to private labs. The results? Temps and toxin levels had killed off nearly all life in the large lake, and indicated major changes goin' on under the lake.  Channel changed:  A male reporter was walkin' among dead trees, well past barriers to keep tourists back.  The ground was dead.  No grass.  No bushes, no trees, no birds - nothing alive.  Then another channel change:  A reporter voice-over talked over video of video of the steaming lake surface.  The voice said their investigation had revealed no life left in the lakes, and further revealed a gov't coverup at how bad conditions had gotten in Yellowstone, with the reporter asking "Why?"  Channel change to an anchor desk:  The guy was talking about the GPS-measured "tilt-meter readings" indicating the Yellowstone caldera basin had risen an avg of 11 FEET.  Dream ends.

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