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Category Earthquake
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Created 2010-11-14
Owner firefighter
Title of the Dream Largest quake ever soon?
Description of Dream

On November 14th 2010 at somewhere between 6am and 7am pdt I was dreaming, I almost never remember anything specific about my dreams but this very short one I remember vividly and in color. I was looking at the headlines on I think Yahoo news but could not see anything clearly then I zoomed like a camera on the bottom headline it said

. 9.6 Earthquake strikes Indonesia

If memory serves the largest quake ever was a 9.5 that struck Chile in the early 1960's, so this would be twice as powerful if I understand the richter scale correctly. There has been alot of talk lately about issues in Indonesia with the recent 7+ earthquake and Mt.Merapi's eruption along with rumblings from 21 other volcanoes in Indonesia at level 2 or 3 alert levels which is an unprecedented amount at those levels, a Australian Geologist said recently with all this activity something major tectonically is going on in Indonesia. With all this going on in Indonesia it is no surprise I dreamed this but like I said I never have clear dreams I remember but this was if I was wide awake, very odd for me.


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