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Category Earthquake
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Created 2010-10-09
Owner cyringa
Title of the Dream massive earthquakes
Description of Dream

I dreamed that I was hiking on a high mountain trail with my husband. Suddenly, there is a tremendous earthquake, the ground

is splitting apart everywhere and there are very loud cracking noises, like the rocks are breaking. I just lay on the ground until

it eventually ends.  We go back to the highway where our car is, but the highway is all broken everywhere and there are

trees fallen acoss it. So we walk, and come to a gas station /restaurant. There are a few houses and a old motel there.

It is in a place where we can see down into the plains below. We can see fires burning every where below and hear explosions.

We go into the gas station, where there are a few people. the owner says all the roads down the mountain are gone.

He tells us the radio says the earthquake happened all over the world,and it is chaos everywhere. He says we can

stay in the old motel if we want . He asks my husband if he has a gun and says we all need to help cut firewood

and hunt for food, and we'll be okay .


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