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Category Continental Shifts
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Created 2011-01-18
Owner Joni
Title of the Dream The Sky is Falling
Description of Dream

Although this dream occurred over three years ago, it is still so vivid to me it could have happened last night.  Given the questionable time continuum thing,what is relevant when?  I trust it is acceptable and appropriate to share it here and now.

I'm in my car driving what seems to be a mostly familiar highway, divided, four lanes, with a grassy median (not an Interstate).  I'm on a rise with an expansive view of the lay of the land, some low rolling hills are up ahead.  There are wide swaths of golden grass lining the highway and then big trees on both sides, tall healthy pine trees.  It is a gorgeous forest to behold.  Everything about the setting is idyllic.  It is a beautiful sunny day.  The sky is clear and bright blue and to my upper right line of sight three large distinct clouds float above this scene.  It all feels sublime.  There are two cars in front of me some distance away and there are other cars traveling on the opposite side.  Everything to this point is visual.

Suddenly, in succession, two of the massive clouds drop like stones with a sound that roars and reverberates beyond descriptive decibels.  The sight is incomprehensible, the shockwaves immediate, the noise and physical reaction stupefying.  As one, all traffic stops.  Utter terror and disbelief is sensed telepathically.  The radio spontaneously begins broadcasting a national emergency blah, blah, blah.  As I awaken with a start and a rapid heartrate, the bellowing echo of that sound is vibrating through me.  It took some time to calm down.

Postscript:  About three weeks later I dreamed I was in a different car as a passenger in the back seat.  Don't know who was driving or who else was there.  I just know what I saw out the side window.  At first the scene was like a winding mountain road going through a wooded area.  Then as if a line had been drawn, everything was a doomscape.  Black, charred tree trunks, no vegetation.  Gray ash swirling vortexes undulating around the stumps and stubble.  The air looked brown.  I first thought of a forest fire.  Then with great clarity it came to me this was a place where a cloud had fallen. 


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