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Category Beneath Earth
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Created 2010-07-15
Owner Dark Knight
Title of the Dream Sinkhole Terror
Description of Dream

I was standing in front of my 50 inch when breaking news came over the TV and they showed live a large sinkhole that occurred in a large city like Los Angeles but it was a western city. A computer was nearby and I sat down and started to search for news on this and a page appeared in the format of Drudge. The WebPages headline read “Sinkholes Everywhere”.  As I arose from the computer I was now in a store setting where you have all the Flat screens displayed like a Target or Best Buy and every TV showed a different TV station showing sinkholes everywhere. Some of these sinkhole were also being shown from overseas countries as well. They were showing them live as the ground opened up. At one hole a hotel had fallen into it, another showed a community looking down from a helicopter where a house had been swallowed. There was mass panic from the TV anchors as they broadcasted this disaster. A voice spoke to me in the dream from where I do not know, but the voice did say “this is a warning and the punishment you must suffer from disobeying God”. I then woke up.  

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