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Category Beneath Earth
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Created 2010-06-11
Owner Kasota
Title of the Dream Two Lions In The Basement
Description of Dream

I had this dream two nights ago.    In this dream I went down into my basement and the basement was much larger than it is in real life.   It was expansive (in real life it is a very small home)  and had some spaces off to the side that were about 5 feet high and were built into the earth and yet had about 2 feet above ground.  They are partitioned off from the rest of the basement with chain link fencing.   There was a patio type awning roof over the top of the side expansions.   It is springtime.   I can see late spring greenery through the above ground area of the side expansions.  

There is a large male lion in the basement.   He was not behind the fencing.   I was not surprised to see him there and the lion seems both wild and yet ok to be around.    There was a couch and I knew he had been sleeping on it.   He was very calm and greeted me.   After a while I went back upstairs.   I was doing laundry and cleaning and was up and down the stairs to the basement.    There was a door at the top of the stairs and I took care to close it so the lion wouldn't come into the house.    

On the next trip down the stairs there were two lions in the basement.   The second one was a female lion.   She was very agitated and unpredictable, switching her tail back and forth.   The male was still calm but now also was guarded and watchful.    I was scared of the female lion and went back upstairs and then thought I had better go back to check on that lion.     When I went back downstairs the female lion was in one of the spaces off to the right.   I was upset because there was fencing that was supposed to keep lions out of that area and she had gotten around it through a gap in the fence...and I knew she could now get outside.    I went back upstairs to tell my elderly mom that the female lion was loose. 

The next thing I know in my dream I am standing on a rolling hillside covered with tawny grass.   It is Autumn.    There is a man standing next to me ( I do not know this man) and we are looking across the rolling hillside, talking about the lions.   Both the lions are gone.   I think the male lion left to track the female down because he doesn't trust her.    I think we should tell someone.   That female lion is going to hurt someone.   He shrugs his shoulders and walks away.   

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