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Category EARTH
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Created 2011-01-15
Owner wendlo
Title of the Dream Men of Planning
Description of Dream

I know this is weird.. I never had dreams like this as often as I do now. I used to have dreams of like this every once in a while but most of my dreams are of a good nature like building things etc. The past year though I have been getting more and more frequent dreams of catastrophe's and weather. I take my dreams pretty serious and have been very fortunate. When I was young I would get some that were so real then find myself with dejavu when I would go into buildings or meet people that I could tell you everything about them or knew exactly where stuff was in buildings because I had been there. Now last nights dream was not catastophic but more of panning.

In the dream I am walking the halls of a grand building granit floors and beautiful art on the walls to a meeting room with a huge table. At the table were general's and other people of importance at the head of the table was the president. I am not sure which president because he really didn't have a face but you knew he was the president. There I sat on a chair along the wall. The breifing was serious they knew something was going on and had to prepare. There was news of talks of war and we had to plan on sending more troops on another side there was a man telling of a possible enviromental catastophy. the President's shoulders slumped in sorrow and everyone at the table looked sad. they told of how they would be able to protect some in bunkers that they had built. but that it was imperitive to save the human race. The plan was to sent seven groups each to be split up into divisions of men and women. More women than men. the physician, a surgeon, a mechanic, construction worker and engineers, pharmacologists and philosopher scientists and mathamiticians electricians and one that studies herbs and how to convert them. all to be placed in different spots along the globe different races and religions. One group was to go to the space station, one to the north south east and west, the small groups were sent to places build just for them. after they had gone to the corners of the earth the great day came. This day men are walking somberly into battle. the leaders head off to the bunkers that they had built. some make it but some don't mostly because in the preparation of these they didn't really take into account the knowing when and with the pent up greed waited to long to move in. Then there is a flash lightning in the northwest sky. I am no longer sitting in the hall of planning but on a sidewalk facing the lightning. there is a rush as the animals people are caught unaware the information hadn't really been put out because of fears of mass panic. 

Electricity is gone and people turn to nomadic houses are ripped from wind and a quaking of the earth Volcano's erupting the birds and animals are fleaing from some unseen menace It is a dark time.. cold becomes hot wind bugs no power. People trying those in the bunkers find that they had built on a shifting land and are sealed in screaming for help and having no way to get them out. People above ground some are just rushing left and right turning more animal like in nature. a child sitting in the street crying catches my eye.

Then I am no longer standing on the sidewalk watching this but it is dawn. and small communities are more communal. A group of people sitting in a circle as I teach today we are building a green house and everyone is working together as a group.

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