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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-12-25
Owner wendlo
Title of the Dream Visitor of dreams
Description of Dream

Well I had one that is a little different. I was sound asleep and heard a rustling. I opened my eyes and standing by the door is a beautiful blonde woman with a light complexion and pixie features gesturing me to come over to her. I am curious so I get up and go to her. We walk out to the kitchen and she points to the clock. It seams like in the time I move to turn back to ask we are both floating above a road. On this road are two lines of people. One side looks like young men soldiers marching the other side shows ragged people with burns limping back. Then I see a dancing bear speaking to generals and on the other side a tired poor man talking on tv to everyone.

In a flash I am back animals running madly to the south east along with birds and bugs..Then huge storms, lightning storms, devistating floods and drought, famine people wandering, Then the young lady says in a pixie voice. They have forgotten how, Show them the way, teach the children.

I see the city of new york now a ghost town covered with water, the capital is like an island peaking out of the ocean, A new Capital buit surrounded by corn and wheat. Me sitting in the middle of a group of kids showing them how to build solar cookers, and grow container gardens, to plant and harvest,

Those that hid in their own tombs crying for help without any way to reach them.

Then I ask the pretty woman who are you.. she points to the clock, I think to myself what in the world does the clock mean and I go to ask. But I am in bed and there isn't any woman it was all a dream...

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