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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-12-01
Owner Bebe
Title of the Dream No Fear
Description of Dream

My dream starts with me somewhere in a sunny, warm climate.  I was in a house that I have never been in but felt comfortable in yet in my dream I was exploring it.  I walked into a very large room (felt like a church) where I watched a woman on her knees carefully dusting the tile on the floor with one of those brushes archeologist use, after a few moments her daughter walks in complaining of something I think she was bored and did not want to be there.  The mother said something about the date of a ship, she thinks the date of a ship dates in the 1700's. Now there is a room attached with a window looks like a garage, so I look in the window and there is a blue sailing ship made of metal, its a bit rusty I look down into what looks like a dashboard of a car and there is a calendar in old school writing I remember numbers of 1210 or 1204 for some reason I am not sure but definetly one of those numbers. I shouted the numbers to the Mother and she seemed surprised. Now there is an earthquake but I am not scared, my next scene or vision is me outside where there is not much damage, I head to what I think is some sort of school and enter a race, I complete the race and am proud of this along with other people in my dream, and then there is another earthquake this time I am on school bus that is shaking violently the ground is opening I jump into the driver seat and drive it safely down. I am still not scared and no one was hurt.  Now I am in a house that I have never been in its untidy and dusty, A scrawny cat jumps out and is crying and acting eractically and another earthquake happens.  My alarm clock wakes me up.  I am surprised I remember so much detail so I figured I ought to share this.

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