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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-10-04
Owner Unami
Title of the Dream Volcanoes
Description of Dream

Another rare vivid dream again around 5:00am or so on 9/27/10, but this time about volcanoes and lava.

It stared with flashes or what seemed like random ariel photos of very old extinct volcanoes
in various rocky desert regions. It then flashes to LosAngeles I think and a news broadcast or maybe a show on the discovery channel.

I cant tell for how long but extinct volcanoes started spewing lava all over the place. None of the eruptions were like Mt St.Helens but rather like the ones in Hawaii were the red hot goopy lava just oozes and burps up to the surfice. One name specifically I remember hearing in the dream was Mt Adams and maybe Mt Hood. I also had the image of an old extinct volcanoe out in the desert that sits next to a desert highway on the way to Arizona from California where you see lots of black rocks littering everywhere next to the highway. After that it has me and some other people seemingly running from place to place trying to escape the rising lava. And just when you think its safe you look outside and see the lave rising and you have to run again. I didnt feel scared, so much as I felt wonder and awe during the whole dream. In hindsight if felt as if the lava wasnt so much rising as the land was sinking or subsiding, Weird!

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