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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-07-05
Owner Anne S
Title of the Dream Earthquake Spain - Convent Retreat Space
Description of Dream

Dreamt Approximately 6:30 a.m. MST July 3, 2010

Looked out window of room we were staying in to see huge dustcloud coming down the huge "ditch" our room was over, straight at us.  This was immediately followed by the ground to my right, shifting south,as noted by the trees on the side of the ditch to my right,  all in a line together, moving south of us.  It happened very quickly - so fast that the wind from the movement shook the trees blowing them one way, and then once they stopped moving forward, there was that slingshot effect, blowing them the other way, until they settled.

We asked the nuns (dressed in white with satin turquoise bands in their headwear) what had happened.  They were all leaving on scooters, pulling out of a garage in a state of urgency.  One stopped and gave us a flippant answer to the effect "that's what happens here".

I realized afterwards that I had seen an earthquake.  I had the feeling it was in Spain.  I thought the nun's habits were strange in that the turquoise enhancement being made of satin, seemed too "rich" for a nun to have on her head - a more plain fabric would have made sense for a nun.

Also present with me was my mother who had already died in 1997.  When I went to research on the internet with the words Spain  & earthquake, I was amused to find someone had just posted today 7/5/10, that they had dreamed last night, that there was a 7.0 earthquake in Spain. (he mistakenly dated his post 7/6/10 rather than today's date 7/5/10)  link: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread580700/pg1  Our two dreams were 2 days apart.

Also with my research on the net, trying to find which convent in Spain might be represented by the white w/ satin turquois habit, I ran across a luxury hotel in Mallorca, Spain called Convent de la Missio that used to be a convent.  

Weird huh?  :)

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