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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-06-17
Owner J Awake
Title of the Dream Together we will win
Description of Dream

I was walking with a group of people, it was very humid & damp..in the south somewhere we where going to some sort of shelter.. in front of me came a little girl (4yr) hispanic..come rushing out of the jungle type growth, came an alligator . I ran got between the child & gator,was fighting it off by hiting on the nose with my fist . When others saw what was happening they came to help.. It finally left & I awoke.

My take is as follows: The gator being of a vicious & destructive power represents what is going on with BP & the PTB. Gators inhabit  water & land. Both are associated with Mother Earth.As both also represents creation ,destruction,Birth & death.The current events that are unflolding mark an end of one period & a beginning of another.We as humans have awaken ,we will come together to fight what is happening & we will win together.For our Mother Earth.


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