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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-06-06
Owner Jerry
Title of the Dream Thousands were casually sitting on green grass & silent"ZOMBIES"
Description of Dream

Obama's shoes and the picnic of people

Around October, 2008 I had several dreams over several nights. The first was clearly a scene of hundreds of people casually siting on grassy hills with a small house in one area much like a golf course shed between holes. (No, I'm not a golfer.) The people were sitting in groups much like an outdoor concert. This time there were no blankets spread. There were no baskets or beverage alcohol. They were all sitting. I had no sense that people were waiting, organized or even there for a common purpose. Another oddity is that i was walking with my x Legal Married Person. She was agreeable. This WAS a dream. We moved in and among the folks. Didn't know anyone. I sensed no emotions and I am empathically aware. People were just sitting.


I am in New York City with Obama. Harlem, specifically. (At the time I was an actor in waking life who had just finished working on a play in Harlem with a well known Broadway producer and a local cultural and jazz figure.) So, we are entering a wooden building with clean floors (I guess, wink, wink) and we have to take off our shoes Surprised. The walls seem to have a "white sheets" hanging from the frame and those are the walls. The building is entered much like walking up into a typical brownstone (a steep and often long climb) but it is more of the wooden structure described. I remember the sense of a "church" and I was the only large white guy there. We take off our shoes and suddenly we are sitting at a table next to each other with crisp white linen tablecloths and nothing else (on the table.Surprised) We talked.  There were others present but no interaction with them. (don't remember what was said but whatever... didn't convince me to vote for "him.")

10/19/2008 Much like #1 this was in a geographic setting. Several months of financial and awareness worries. There was a population (small town, rolling hills) with streets, a lake... and I was trying to locate someone at an address. It actually restarted ( 'the dream,' i think), I entered it through a restaurant or bar from the rear area and was compelled to make my way (out into the small town setting) to find an address for (possibly Obama, again). I encountered walking people who seemed to be going somewhere, I once made it into the house where I think I was aiming. Finally, back at the bar/restaurant, there was this motion of leaving and heading purposefully along the right side of a lake while needing to get around it to the far left. (People were all leaving the area calmly and methodically. They were not talking or communicating. (It was like a silent and calm "siren sound" in those 'Morlock" movies.)

"#6"   "Night of the Living Dead" dream. Was no fear or pain. distinct scenes related to "zombies," other people. Almost like clinical scenes with possibly "no sound"

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