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Category EARTH
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Created 2010-05-26
Owner Texasdancer
Title of the Dream Texas nuclear Russian scouts
Description of Dream

Ok, I was going to wait form my next dream before I posted this dream ‘cause I had it a few months ago.  But, while reading other similar dreams that people posted I felt I better post mine which is so similar to another nuclear attack dreams about Texas, Russians invading and etc.


I moved to Texas two years ago to be near my sister in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  A short time back I dreamed that I was an my way to go shopping with my sister at a large indoor mall and in the dream I saw many-multiple small megaton nuclear warhead strikes in the Dallas - Fort Worth area explode and mushroom above the horizon line off in the distance. Low megaton, as I didn’t even feel the shockwave of the nearest nuke about 20 miles away I calculated. In the dream, I immediately, told my sister, with her new baby, to head into the shopping mall and to round up the people that were shopping. I instructed her to gather all the food and snacks from the vending machines and from the food court and take the food and the people into the basement parking garages and to wait there for several days until the half-life of the radiation was diminished.  With mushroom clouds still blooming only minutes after the initial explosion I saw repulsorlift transports that were shaped like footballs and made of shinny brass and steel fly past us and overhead.  The antigravity machines were about the size of a city bus but with no external engines or propeller props, (no wings as again the vehicle looked like flying footballs) and a couple of them landed near by in some fields.  From the rear of the odd vehicle a ramped popped open and out poured about a half dozen lightly armed motorcycle troops.  The motorcycle troops scattered in opposite directions. 


There was chaos and pandemonium everywhere, I headed toward the landing craft and I yelled at people, whom I passed in the mall parking lot to get into the car garage.  A motorcycle rider was headed my way and I saw that He had Russian weapons and Russian emblems on his uniform and his ‘bike’.  His uniform was designed to be somewhat CNBC resistant and looked much thicker than most uniforms and He had heavy leathers.  From time to time he would shoot his AK47 to chase off crowds of people.  He apparently was headed for the mall.  I cut him off at a bottle neck in the parking lot and yanked him off his bike as he wasn’t moving to fast at the time.  I took his weapons and examined his clothes and he had lots of battle plan maps, communication devices and anti-radiation meds with him.  I concluded, in the dream, that this Russian soldier was some sort of “pathfinder” and front wave scout for an obvious larger force to follow.  I jumped on the motorcycle and headed to my sisters house to inform the rest of the family to pack up food and weapons and to head over to the lower levels of the shopping mall.  Then I headed toward the repulorlift vehicle and then I woke up from the dream.

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