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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Christmas shopping amused
It was early Winter. I was shopping with a fairly new friend. We were looking at machines in the store and talked about how fixes changed things so people could receive letters immediately. Then again, email changed them even more. No need for the printing. I was looking at some machine that was taking in post cards - perhaps to stamp them and send them away. She bought a bunch of Christmas gifts. I didn't buy anything.
We were lined up for wrapping gifts when a young girl distracted her. She ran after her and I thought it was her daughter. Across from us was one of those in-store coffee places where people were sitting. I started getting distracted too, but was aware that somebody might start digging through the Christmas gifts if I left my place in the line. I took a few steps in her direction, and sure enough some late teenage boy got up and was just about to reach into a bag when I yelled at him "Not so fast, mister!". He stopped immediately and I ran back to my place in line before he could get to anything. Quickly after that my friend came back without the girl. Maybe that was just an acquaintance?
She finished her gift wrapping and we took off to my place. My husband was there. I was showing him some trinkets. One was a pen with a fan built into it. Her husband was there too and I was blowing the fan at them both. It was surprisingly powerful and they both shied away from it.
There were more electronic gadgets, some with digital storage. There was a very strange black plastic station that could be put over the lower part of an older CRT monitor, that had a bunch of openings in it. My husband had gotten it and put it over our monitor. I asked him what it was and he showed me it was for things that looked like a USB drive, a stylus, a floppy disk, etc. I played with it for a bit and showed my friend how to store files (music?) on the computer and then diverted my attention to other gadgets we had with us. My husband asked if I wanted GPS signals to one of these.
Once we were done with this, my husband went in the kitchen and her husband went home. I asked her to have some intimacy with me - and in fact begged her for a quickie, lol. My husband was totally OK with this and apparently so was hers. We started to enjoy each other in the bedroom, but she stopped almost immediately, as if to tease me and save some for later.
We instead took off to her place where her husband was now working upstairs. This was a condo apartment and it had outdoor walkways between apartments. There was snow on the top floor, but her husband had shoveled the bottom floor. She went up the stairs and grabbed a shovel and and filled it with snow. I was standing downstairs. She asked me with a grin if I thought her husband would be mad if she threw all the snow downstairs.
I asked her why her husband had only shoveled down here. She said he did it so he wouldn't have to keep the car running for heat. For some strange reason that made sense to me. Maybe he did downstairs to make sure the air intake to furnace was not blocked? We got indoors and I could see where her husband worked. He had a small office bedroom...
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Magic in the air delight
My husband and I were visiting with some quite rich people and they had a wonderful kitchen. I had these two work benches facing each other, each with a separate sink. There was plenty of room between the work benches for people to move. There were also two big stand-alone cutting boards next to these work benches.
The owners sat down on the couch in the living room, and I suddenly realized that my older step-daughter was sitting in between them as if she was their family member. I got the feeling that she was really rich too, as if she was sharing their family riches. Perhaps they adopted her or she married into the family?
I went upstairs to rest on the couch. Their orange tabby cat came up and was really friendly. Then, I was suddenly seeing this bluish mist in the air. It formed itself into balls that I could hold fleetingly. Just then the owners came up the stairs and the mist disappeared, but not fast enough. They could see that it was there and asked me if I thought it was amazing. I said yes. The cat got a bit agitated and attacked the man briefly...
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Visitors and Visits. calm
(Note to C Mc.: I am continuing to experience password issues. This morning, I had to reset the password several times before allowed access. Something or someone is changing my password, remotely. Thank you.)

Dream-Experience #1:

My husband (crossed over 2011) and I were together in Schenectady, NY. In the background, my mother was there (crossed over 2009). We were living in a refurbished apartment (house?) with a store front, plate glass windows. I had a big 6 foot conference table in front of the windows, inside, with three computer stations, each with a lap top. My own was on the farthest right. K. explained to me he had to go out on missions. He would disappear for awhile, then, returning. The third time, he did not re-appear. Before this, I was easily able to raise him on the telephone when he was gone. So, I attempted to ring him up. The phone kept ringing and ringing, with no answer, which was puzzling to me. Then, an unknown man answered the phone, telling me this was basic training for the United States Air Force at a base in Japan, and it was late at night, 10:00 pm there, everyone was asleep. I hung up, after apologizing. I went to my computer station, observing that the lap top was 'wringing wet' due to a massive flood.

Dream-Experience #2

I was waiting for (my mother?) in the parking lot of a strip mall. Suddenly, a window shattered in the older vehicle next to me, and a small white monkey jumped out and into my arms. I was worried about rabies, and the possibility of his (her?) biting or clawing me, but the monkey appeared tame. Then, outside the car, another small monkey appeared, bigger than the white one, but small still, and brown in color. He jumped into the car with me. What in the world would I do with two monkeys? I decided to give them to Sally, as she was a devout animal-lover.

With that thought, I was instantly transported to Sally and Mike's house, a place I had been to hundreds of times before in the dream world, but never in the real world. My husband also appeared, and we walked to the door, hand-in-hand. Sally greeted me with excitement, and we walked around the house, eventually settling in the living room area. I sat near the doorway, which was blocked by something, like an animal collapsible gate or door. Sally sat on the sofa, with Mike, her husband, walking around the room, nervous energy. Suddenly, a young girl, younger than 12, stepped over the animal gate and into the room. She had dark brown hair, matted in the back, almost sticking out from her skull. She was wearing a tiara and necklace made out of white construction paper, with a flat affect on her face. With not a word to me, she stepped over the gate, over me, and into the room, without greeting anyone. I told Sally under my breath that the young girl "smelled like urine". Sally nodded her head, she knew. My husband, then, got up and stepped over to Sally, leaning down to whisper into her ear. Whatever K. was telling her, it took a long time, and it was not meant for the rest of us to hear.

It was now time for K. and I to leave, and we headed toward the door. We entered the kitchen, and observed the two monkeys I had given Sally scurrying around out there near the big table. I also noted a gold newborn kitten I had found which I had also given to Sally. The kitten was fine, although it was likely their first cat in a household of pups. It was quietly playing on the floor. Mike was there, and I told Mike, per my notes, that he was a real "tough guy" in spite of his shy and quiet demeanor that he displayed to others. And, K. and I left.

Note: The connotation of monkeys indicates the bestowing of psychic powers upon the recipient. Also, the monkeys can confirm that - in the matter of Sally - the ultimate recipient, that someone very close to her intends to betray her. This is multiplied by two, two monkeys present in the experience. In other words, there are two "dangerous leg-pullers" who intend to betray Sally. Beware.
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Capital protest/Disenfranchised teens caring
CivilWar, Military, Collapse, US, Justice
i was at this protest at the capital building/ washington dc, thousands of ordinary people kind of strolling around, a marge police presence but invisible seeming.
i let my camera drop in the grass at one point because it felt so overwhelmingly meaningless to photograph anything but then went back and got it
there was this feeling that the closer you got the higher the police presence the scarier and more likely it was for you to be arrested simply for being there and it would be a different kind of more permanent arrest.
there wasa racial tension
poeple were trying to stand together against the state but didn't know how , there was also no other option, there were levels of the protest like people circled in
differnt lines. There was only a large vague protest and people sitting on the outskirts.
i left to go the bathroom and some school kids (young black girls on bleachers)were throwing footballs. i could have caught one but just didn't in an awkward
white person way
then this black boy ran into me accidentally and i said i'm so sorry are you ok cause i hit his chest with my arm and he was like offended and said
"i hate people like you, i hate you people." he had a basketball that turned into a balloon in my hands or something. he said some stuff loudly to his friends, but at me like
his parents died and some other stuff.
i walked around the building to the bathroom wondering what just happened and why ,feeling sad. then a group of his friends approached me and said
"you know hes lying he doesn't hate you and he made all that stuff up." and then i got on this bus with this girl who was white and young and she said
"you know no one goes to school anymore. everyone knows that." but i didn't really know . i was listening to her and she said, "you know i feel more at home talking to you right now than there or anywhere" and
i woke up saying well you know school will give you some kind of routine or stability but its what you do with yourself that really matters....
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Dream-Experience from a contact. alarm
Emailed to me by my friend and contact. Her dream from last night. Other two contacts reported identical dream past five days. These other people have no contact with each other.

I finally remembered one from last night - I was driving to a destination to deliver something - it was beside a lake and everything was so flooded the water was across the road - hard to distinguish between lake/road - just tried to guess where the road was.......scary.....water on all sides.

Had other dreams, I recall, but the memory disappeared the min. I woke up - several times during the night -
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 More visits from the other realms... distress
Surreal, Conspiracy
Dream-experience, last night, hypnapompic:

My husband (passed on 6/11) met me at a casino resort (constant theme). He arrived in one dark-colored vehicle, parking in the second row, and me in another, first row, parking garage. We walked into the casino together, and I sat down to play at a slot machine (constant theme). My husband watched over my shoulder. The machine hit the jackpot, but we did not know how much I had won. It kept paying and paying, 4,000 coins on top of the 183 already in the machine. My husband said, "How much did you win?" in awe. I cashed out, wondering if I should play some more, but I remembered my cat, Taffy (my cat "in real life") was with me, and not acting right. I decided to take Taffy and place him into my husband's car. I asked him what vehicle he used, and he replied, "Crown Vic". With the cat in my arms, struggling to escape, I returned to the parking garage, but could not locate his vehicle (constant theme), although checking everywhere. Finally, I did, but it was not a Crown Vic but a dark-colored Ram Charger. With the cat fighting to get out of my arms, I tried to put Taffy into the back, with the hatch up. The cat kept trying to jump out. I worried he would be too hot in there. An unknown benevolent woman was assisting me, to my right. Suddenly, a piece of fence appeared and I tried to mount it over the opening so the cat would be kept inside, but ventilated. The cat thrashed, almost impaling itself on the top of the metal fence. Suddenly, a piece of screen appeared, and I tried to use this to prevent the cat from escaping, while providing it fresh air. A small grey and white kitten appeared to my right, and Taffy jumped out to join the kitten. There was nothing I could so. Off he went. I was told, "Since you saved the cat's life (in December), you know Taffy has not been right in the head. You must let him go."

In "real life", in spite of my saving the cat's life, while he was near death, while it endured seizures and a high fever, Taffy has never returned to himself again. While he is, today, robust and muscular, very strong, he is not "all there", which has made me sad. In other words, I saved his life only to have him profoundly changed.
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Visits, contd. horror
Dream-experience, I had a "visit" from a former sister-in-law, with whom I've had no contact with in 30 years. My journal notes are a bit disjointed, but here we go. Linda said she had gone to a hotel in order to watch satellite t.v. along with her husband. I saw the "satellite" dish, which was huge, vibrating and supernatural, mounted on the side of this 50s styled strip motel building. Linda, then, explained to me that her husband had choked her, killing her. I went over to the motel double bed and pulled up the blankets and sheets, exposing the mattress, viewing the blood stains still there, memorializing her murder. I pointed the stains out to Linda, saying, "Look, the blood stains from your death are still here on the mattress, hidden." This morning, I had Googled Linda, not knowing what her new married name was (having been divorced from my brother in 2003). I did find her new surname, as well as a picture of her in Key West, taken in December. I could find no information indicating that she had been harmed "in this life". I had heard through the grapevine that her new husband was rather creepy, but this could not be substantiated either. Hence, I do not know what this dream-experience means or refers to.
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Stars! calm
Celebrities! I was joined by Jared Padalecki, who was down cast. He looked as he is, with the exception of odd fuschia hair strands underneath his own hair. It was if I knew him (which, I know, is pretty ridiculous). I called him "Sammy". To cheer him up, I brought him to Hampton Beach, NH (of all places). He "tagged along", quiet and despondent. There, I could not find my motel room (continuous theme of mine) - and my room # was 209. In a flash, the scene changed from a quiet seaside town to a lavish seaside convention - with throngs of people standing outside a fantastic buffet, waiting to be seated. The long, long line was comprised of two people followed by two people, side by side, as far as the eye could see. The people were expensively dressed. The "buffet" is another continuous theme of these experiences. I realized I did not want to wait with all these people. "Sammy" was standing alongside the wall. Sensing that it was time for him to leave, I impulsively gave him a warm hug. He did not respond, but remained silent and despondent.
Has Not Come True
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 Nukes, Death Domes, and Splitting FEAR
I'm facing North looking out my front window. It's a Saturday, sometime in the evening. No sooner does my eldest daughter walk out the door (she just left yesterday for her Dad's,) when I begin to see what appears to be smoke trails in the sky (not chemtrails) followed by numerous small explosions on the ground, which I believe are small nukes of some sort already on the ground or close to the ground. The explosions begin in the North and go in a line all the way to the South, splitting the earth as they go. As I see this unfold, I tell my family to get to the left side of the house; soon after the ground splits to my right. (I am located in California.) My husband suggests we head for a dome that has been set up just a few miles out, at which I object. The ground is shaking, and it's so frightening, I decide to go and get in my van with my family and head there. We are only able to drive part of the way, but have to run through a wooded area to get to the dome. It is very enticing, looks like a dome out of Cloudy Cookoo Land from the Lego Movie, all sparkly and glittery (that's the only way I can describe it.) We have to leave all our belongings at the door, and I ask someone who's in charge, "What about our food?" He says, "We each get our own unicorn to take care of us and feed us." I look up and see some sort of robotic unicorns hovering above inside the dome that are watching the people inside the dome. I look behind me and am fearful of what I see in the sky, so reluctantly I enter with my family, with nothing. I wonder if my children will really be fed. There are people on the outside of the dome, and I ponder why they aren't coming in. I can see them clearly as they can see me, as well. There is no privacy. I am assured that the radiation from the nukes, that is heading quickly our way, cannot reach those who are inside the dome. (Then I woke up.)
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add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 BANK HOLIDAY SURPRISE


Has Not Come True
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