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Created 2011-01-28
Owner AnnM
Title of the Dream Multigenerational Multifamily household
Description of Dream

1/28/2011 Second dream of the night.  It's rare for me to remember more than one.

I'm living in a house with my mother, another woman, and her daughter who's about 10.  There may be other people living there as well.  I think my mother owns the house.  The daughter wants to take her puppy for a last walk before bedtime.  Her mother doesn't want her to go out alone at night, so I say I'll go with her but she has to put something on over her skimpy nightwear even though it's warm out.  I say I may as well take one of the other dogs on the walk.  The dream turns into almost a comedy as the mother keeps bringing more and more dogs for me to walk.

What struck me about this dream is that in almost all of my dreams of the future I'm living in multigenerational and/or multifamily households.  I'm 50, so in this dream we're talking at least 2 families spanning 4 generations.  My husband and I are very private people, so we would not live with other people if we could avoid it.

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