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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2011-01-25
Owner mystery
Title of the Dream China bought and paid for
Description of Dream

Dream occured on 1-16-11. Very strange and very detailed. 

I was watching a TV news channel and they were talking about how the US had made a deal with China to take over all of our debt.  They said that they were expecting the President to give some details as he and his family leaves the white house.  The news reporters were following him (Our current president) to a huge line of cars and they asked "Sir What about our constituion and what our founding fathers envisioned?"  He looked at the camera and said "You have a new father now" and then he said "This is still America the difference is you don't own it anymore the Chinese have taken over our debt and we will work together".  He said "They will forgive our debt but we had to eliminate congress and their salaries, we will be able to elect a President every 4 years.  The American people know that this is a small price to pay to keep our freedom, prevent collapse and avoid war.  Please excuse me as my family and I have to vacate the premisis."  I started crying and found myself in a car with my kids and my husband. We were driving by shopping centers and everyone was staring at TV sets.  People kept saying "OK".  A lady speaking to a crowd said "We are all gonna be ok, at least we wont loose our money and our homes, and they are even saying the price of food is going to come down now, it's all going to be ok".

I woke up pissed off and literally started crying. 

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