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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2011-01-21
Owner Mr. Smith
Title of the Dream City Of Ashes
Description of Dream

This is a dream which has repeated several times.

I'm standing in the street in the downtown area of a large city.  It reminds me of Los Angeles.Things look slightly distorted and my breathing sounds strange. I realize I am wearing a gas mask.

It is dark, but not the darkness of night. It is something else.

The sidewalks are choked with debris which has fallen from the surrounding buildings. Crushed and wrecked cars are everywhere. Fires flicker fitfully in the shell of a city bus, and in the wreckage of several cars and a semi.

Bodies hang from broken windows and lay in doorways, the sidewalk and the street. Most do not appear to have suffered any physical trauma. Others were obviously struck by falling debris or vehicles.

Everything is coated with a fine gritty ash. It is still falling out of the sky. As it falls, it makes a slight hissing sound, like snowfall.

That is the only sound I hear.

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