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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-11-04
Owner Marcus
Title of the Dream UFO Space Battle; Who are the Good Guys??
Description of Dream

I had this dream the morning of November 4th, 2010. It started out with me and my GF driving in my car at night, and we where going to get dinner. However, we saw a 13 year old boy who needed a ride. Normally, I don't pick up hitchikers, but I figured the kid needed a ride. We drove by the Hospital, and my GF had to use the bathroom so I parked outside the hospital and let her out. About a minute later, the kid and I looked to our right to see the clear night sky, and we saw a huge cherry red meteor crash into the desert way out into the distance. The sky exploded in white light, and I knew something was wrong. There was no destruction; just light. Suddenly, I looked out my moonroof and I saw three blue and yellow orbs with narrow cones sticking out from the front flying from where the meteor crashed (they remind me of a painting of the Virgin Mother and the Baby Jesus, and in the painting in the corner is a UFO). The UFOs' size in the sky was like a marble that kids play with. The three UFO made a circle around, and started shooting orange lasers at, what seemed to be thin air. Suddenly, I saw red lasers firing back at the orbs. I realized that the red lasers where coming from smaller UFOs colored dark orange in the shape of bottle caps. The Blue/ Yellow UFOs won, and the other UFOs exploded. The Blue/Yellow UFO moved to another section of the sky and did the exact same thing, circling and firing orange lasers at invisible UFOs shooting red lasers. Each time this happened the blue/yellow UFOs won. I wanted to go into the hosptial to get my girl friend, but I was so scared that I could not move; I could only watch in horror. In the back of my mind I was wondering "Who is winning? The good guys, or the bad guys?" I woke up startled a few seconds before my alarm woke me up.

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