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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-05-21
Owner VeganHealer
Title of the Dream Rainbow-colored Geometric Lighting
Description of Dream

The dream starts out with myself and a woman sitting next to me on a small, grassy hill.  We are overlooking a large city in ruins... will water all around it.  Behind us are the Youth, people anywhere from 10 to 50 years old, celebrating that there is no more government... no more "Man"... no more corrupt absolute power.  They were drinking and eating, dancing around a fire... the city literally in ruins around us... crumbled by possibly war and earth quakes.

The most beautiful thing was happening right in front of the woman and I.  LIGHTNING... in GORGEOUS rainbow-colored geometric patterns... shooting from the top of the sky down to the bottom... making the most wonderful sounds.  We were in AWE.  It was rapid, powerful, and VERY soothing.

Then, someone taps me on the shoulder,"Ryan, we need your help!"  I follow the fellow into a building.  There are people standing around a younger girl, who is on the floor, acting as if she is POSESSED!  She's on her back, fliping her legs and arms around, screaming and looking scarily at everyone... then at me.  She acts as if she's getting ready to battle my soul... still screaming, "AHHHHHH!  AHHHHH!!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!"

I knew exactly what to do... and apparently so did the guy who brought me there.  Maybe I'm a new age exorcist?  Pulling the old, stagnant, rotten, decaying energies from peoples' fields??  I stood over her, leaned over and held her head with hands on her ears.  I looked her STRAIGHT in the eyes, connected with that dark thickness, and screamed LOUDER than her.  "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"  I must have literally scared that nasty old energy out of her because she was find after that.

And that's the dream I remember.  I had it about 8 months ago, or so, but I still think it's very significant.  Cool, huh?

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