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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-10-23
Owner Grace
Title of the Dream Flippin Over and Out
Description of Dream
10/21/2010 I was dreaming of seeing a rare group of birds, they looked like a cross between miniature puffins and parrot's, very colorful birds and they were in a body of water. Half of them floating on top, half of them underwater, which I thought was strange, but didn't know what their behavior actually was because they were not normally in this section of the country. So I wanted to report the sighting on the bird forum I belong to and wondered where I was and if there would be interest. I determined I was in the mid section of the country around Omaha and that yes, I should report the bird sighting, when I realized I had left my key locked in the hotel room. So I went through the lobby to request another key, realized I already had the key in my hand, but had already asked the desk clerk for another and let it go at that because I was entitled to 2 keys (?)
After obtaining the second key I noticed that there were continual news flashes running on the T V sets in the lobby. The news kept updating some sort of world event that was happening, it seemed to be like the world flipping over or something of that magnitude, and that this crisis wasn't over yet. It kept running percentages across the screen, like "it's only 89% complete, we still have another 11% to go...and it's not over yet, we are not out of this yet, we still have a way to go...then more percentages" on and on and I woke up.
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