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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-10-19
Owner Finite Statist Machine
Title of the Dream Sarkozy as the agent of the TPTB
Description of Dream

I dreamed of the French general strike protesting the changes Sarkozy is attempting to put into place to make the public pay the costs of the excesses of the French Banksters.  

The image was one of thousands of people in a large open town square, a mass of humanity in anger.   Super-imposed over the people were "V" shaped space vehicles (man-made) like those seen in night vision goggles.  The "V"s were like cursors on a video screen pointing to people or groups or somehow attempting to affect their behavior or level of anger - as in diffusing it or surpressing it.   It was like I was looking down upon it all from outside the earth.

Then a warning panel came up, kind of like a cigarette cancer healthwarning, in that same kind of font with the box around it, the words were "Sarkozy is the opposite of Edith Pilaf to the French people".   Then I got the sense of this being the death of the French national motto, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".

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