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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-05-21
Owner Ashley
Title of the Dream Forced Immunizations
Description of Dream

Sometime in the last year I had a dream where a woman was coming house to house. Her persona was a mix between a stout German lady and the woman from Stephen King's movie Misery. I was coming home and saw her going door to door and I knew that she was forcing people to receive an immunization. She had police or soldiers with her who were not dressed in regular outfits. I watched as she walked up to the house I was living in, and I was inside my car screaming at my family (who couldn't hear me) to not open the door. Unfortunately, they did. I know that they resisted (in that way you know things in dreams) and they lady told them that she would be back. For some reason she wasn't going to force the shot on them right then. 

I think the dream ended pretty soon thereafter, but I knew that I went inside, packed up and we fled.

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