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Created 2010-10-08
Owner westcountry
Title of the Dream Four Planets
Description of Dream

This is a dream I had a few days ago.  In the dream, I was looking off of our back balcony to the south, but instead of the rural country landscape we have, I saw a rainy city scene looking towards the south.  It was past dusk and I was standing on the balcony with a man (not sure who).  We were looking at "the planets", 4 of them, that were rotating along the southern horizion in a quick kind of time-lapse, over the city below, which was moving regular speed.  One of these planets was quite large... massive!  There were three other smaller planets, and all of these were moving together.  After they set to the south-west... we just waited not very long for them to circle around again and rise in the south-east.  There was a radio playing music in the background behind us (I never listen to radio), and someone else was talking in the background, female voice.  People already knew about these planets and it was all over the news.  I was taking a video of the planets and city scene before us to put on youtube (I don't own a video camera and have never posted anything to youtube but that's what was happening in the dream).

After the planets cycled through their rotation again, we could see off in the distance a cluster of storm clouds hovering to the south-west.  Then a giant lightning strike flashed above the clouds instead of below them, and all of the clouds were quickly "sucked" into the lightning. 

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