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Created 2010-10-03
Owner saskafrass
Title of the Dream separation from family
Description of Dream

This dream happened to me last week,  I dreamed that there was some kind of catastrophe in a nearby city, I could see that the interior of it was ruined in such a way that it was impossible to go downtown and for several miles into the suburbs.

My wife and I were driving in my pickup truck through fields getting supplies that we needed because the roads were blocked.

When we got back into town there was a woman begging for help from us, she offered herself but we gave her two pounds of flour and a handfull of raisons and wished her luck.  There was also 2 men and one woman standing by the town bulletin board.

My wife asked me to see what they were doing because they were not from around here.  I walked over and the one man and woman walked away nervously while one man stood there.  I asked him what he was doing and he showed me the board.  They were putting pictures of themselves up, one drivers licence, one work ID card and one photo that a guy had and little letters saying who they were and where they were staying.  This struck me as odd because most people when doing a memorial board leave pictures of loved ones they have lost or are looking for.  But these people were separated from there families and could not go back to find them.

It was the kind of situation that the dead far out numbered the living so space was only granted to those who survived.

Once I understood this I woke up.

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