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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-09-30
Owner muad dib
Title of the Dream shards from the shadows
Description of Dream

these were experienced within the last 6 months...

....hiding/being pursued by an armed force...i was armed and atop a hill looking down as some type of soldiers (for some reason they seemed chinese) in dark uniforms were hunting/searching the lowlands for i dont know what but it felt like they were hunting the last holdouts of free men....the soldiers were heavily armed...

....found myself sitting on my recliner feeling very, very hungry...i wondered why i hadn't eaten, then i looked at my legs (i had some type of shorts on) and they were thin as bone...


......it is winter...i am in the woods with a dog and perhaps 2 or 3 other people who i assume are friendly to me....we are being pursued by men and soldiers again in black uniforms...they are on sno-machines and horseback with tracking dogs...again it was very, very clear i/we were being chased pursued...we ran along a railroad line for how long i can't speculate, then turned down a steep enbankment and slipped into the woods below.....last was the sound of barking dogs....


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