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Created 2010-09-02
Owner Philistine
Title of the Dream Empty Vegas Series
Description of Dream

About a year ago I started having a series of dreams, 3 in all, regarding the future.  They were set in Las Vegas and were essentially repeats or variations on a theme.

I find myself in a mostly empty casino. The large central areas of the place are dimly lit and are empty. All the slot machines are gone. The roulette and card tables stand unused. The place is still operating but only around the periphery with just a few workers behind counters and all is gloomy and quiet. The floors are vacuumed, the place is clean because the workers seem to have nowhere else to go. I doubt they are being paid at this point.

As I slowly walk through the casino I notice a brighter and noisier corner. A single bar is still open for business. There are dozens of people there, drinking, dancing a little, but not gambling. These people don't seem to think there is anything wrong, they just drink and talk and do bar stuff. I go to the bar and order up a whiskey. The gruff barman and I have a discussion about how it used to be so grand there. Looking out the windows, Las Vegas is much like this casino, a few bright spots, neat and clean, but mostly empty of people and activity.

In one of the three dreams I am actually in the airport instead of a casino by the time I get my drink, but all else is essentially the same. I haven't had one of these dreams for several months now.

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