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Created 2010-09-01
Owner missminxy
Title of the Dream Crowded town
Description of Dream

Dream on 30/08/2010. The beginning of the dream is unclear. Eventually, I end up in my hometown with my husband and we're at the video store. The video store is crowded and they have put up these turntable devices to wait in line to go pay. You are unable to pass the barrier until the cashier allows you to do so.

We go onto the street which is also just filled with people. The layout now resembles that in Europe, with coffee tables and chairs and people spilling out in the street. I can't remember seeing any cars and I wonder where they are. This is a very lucid dream. I kept wondering where all these people had come from. I'm in Canada and it seems there was a whole lot of Americans now in town.

As we walk down the street, we come up to a coffe shop/restaurant but see a so-called friend of my husband who politely asks us to sit down at the table on the street to catch-up. We say we cannot stay, and then he proceeds to show us a gun and tells us to sit down, always in a very calm manner. Although there are hundreds of people around, nobody seems to notice or care. We begin polite conversation with him.

In the meantime, I'm scrambling on my options of what to do to get out of the situation. The friend's cell phone rings and he invites more of his buddies to come over. Nobody approaches him to steal his phone. In the dream, I fear of disappearing, being sold to a prostitution ring, being sold for organs ... it seems as if these were all valid possibilities, as if it were Mexico city. I cannot talk to anyone else. I cannot attack this man either. My husband seems compliant and tries to talk his way out of this situation.

I somehow get away under the guise of having to go to the bathroom and have my cell phone hidden. The restaurant is just so packed, there are so many people everywhere. I manage to shut myself in a stall and call my mother to call someone to come and get us. That we are held hostage and we will be killed or sold. And I specifically mention make sure you do not call the police. I fear for my life that someone is hearing me speak on the phone in the restaurant and I quickly close it and hide it again. It seems that cell phones were rare in this reality and that just about anyone would kill me to have it.

That's when I woke up and needed a couple of minutes to realize it wasn't real. Although there were many people in this town, and the streets shut down, the people were behaving camly. An eery calm that could errupt in death in an instant ... and everyone would find it normal to kill or be killed.

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