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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-08-27
Owner Philistine
Title of the Dream Charles Manson, Handy Man
Description of Dream

Last night dream at one point had me at what was supposed to be my old factory building. Only it looked more like a large high school building and campus. The place was abandoned with various small groups of contractors doing their jobs around the place, seemingly dismantling the systems such as electrical or HVAC. I don't remember much except that one team was headed by a Charlie Manson meets Matrix-Neo looking dude with very thick black hair and beard. He had white stripes in his beard which was trimmed neatly but very thick and brushy, about 3 inches of it. He had on black leather clothing and was using a chop saw to make long boards he was taking shorter and putting them into a truck. He had helpers that were like nymph versions of the same. This was going on in the back ground the entire time while I walked around observing, but Charlie was always right over *there*.

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