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Created 2010-08-16
Owner Katrina
Title of the Dream Desolate Indiana Countryside
Description of Dream

In my dream from last night (08/15/10), I was driving an old pick-up truck through a very desolate Indiana countryside. The look and feel was very much like the pictures from the "dustbowl" era. The corn and soybean fields were all scraggly and dry and a solid wind was blowing dust and field debris through the air. I was driving around looking for people. If I saw a vehicle parked by a house or barn I would stop and look to see if there were people there or if the vehicle had been abandoned, etc.

I stopped by a large white farmhouse with multiple, run-down barns and outbuildings. I found an old man at this property. He was very happy to see me and took me on a tour. He had chickens and guinea fowl running loose on the property and had a flock of geese that was primarily living in a large, delapitated barn at the back of the farm. He explained that it wasn't his farm, but he had been "wandering around" looking for a place and had found the animals on this one. No one was around, so he stayed. He had been here for a couple of months and had not seen any other people. He wasn't sure about how to take care of the different birds, so he had let them all out so that the could find their own food. He had found an old hand pump and was able to give them water everyday, but didn't really have any feed or grain to give them.

We finally got to the last barn where the geese had made their nests and one of the geese had eggs that were hatching. The old man and I were very excited because this would mean more food, more eggs, etc. There was a total of six eggs. We sat and watched the first egg hatch and then the other five. We were very disappointed after the eggs had all hatched because instead of goslings, they had all contained kittens.

This is where the dream faded out.

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