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Created 2010-08-07
Owner AnnM
Title of the Dream Imminent Nuclear War
Description of Dream

I had this dream early this morning (8/7/2010).  I don't remember all of it, but the following parts were clear.  Nuclear war was imminent, but no bombs had gone off yet. 

In the first part of the dream I was in an office building and the people in charge were going floor by floor and making everyone go down to the basement.  They even forced open the door to a bathroom where a young man had locked himself in to make him come along.  He was wearing camouflage, but I don't think he was in the military - it was more of a fashion statement.

The scene changed and I was outside on the street.  I wasn't in a large city with tall buildings, more like the suburbs.  Most of the people had already left.  Full trash cans lined the street and there were piles of things that people had abandoned as they left.  Five abandoned children, none of them more than five years old, argued in shrill voices as they scavenged through a trashcan.  A dead dog lay nearby, probably a black lab, but it was starting to bloat and decompose so it was hard to tell.

I was still with the young man from the office building and we drove to a shelter that had been set up in a building that had a large open room about the size of a high school gym.  I don't know how much protection it would give since it didn't seem to be underground, but at least there weren't any windows.  The people running the shelter were all wearing orange tshirts.  They were very busy, but seemed to be well organized and not at all frantic.  There were people of all ages collecting at the shelter.  There was a row of beds set up in a large alcove off the main room.  We were going to have to sleep in shifts because there weren't enough beds for everyone.

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