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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-07-25
Owner AnnM
Title of the Dream College after the crash
Description of Dream

Early this morning (7/25/2010) I had a dream that I was taking a college course.  It was in a fairly typical college amphitheater type lecture hall where the students sat at tables on rising levels so that everyone had a clear view of the professor up front.  The professor was of Asian decent but he had no accent.  He was someone that I highly respected and desired to please.  I'm not sure what the topic of the course was, most likely history or philosophy.  Part of his lecture was an audio/visual presentation that included a pause for the students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance as a test or example of some other topic.  Not one student, including myself, knew the words!  It was like the United States was past history that was pretty much ignored in the history books.  The professor then gave us time for each of the students to put together a small presentation to give to the class.  We each had a small handheld computer, but there wasn't a keyboard, there was a set of levers and keys set up to allow easy entering of data with one hand if you knew the system.  I decided that my presentation would be that I teach the students the Pledge of Allegiance.  But, the computer input system was unfamiliar to me, so I was having trouble finding a link to the text.  At one point I actually had the link up on the computer but I lost it before I could cut-n-paste it into my presentation.  At another point the computer started playing a movie that had nothing to do with my topic and I couldn't figure out how to interrupt it and get back into data entry mode.  I was getting more and more frustrated and frantic as the professor announced that time was running short.  The professor walked up along each row to see how the students were doing, stopping and making occasional comments.  When he got to me e commented about how hard I had been working and I said "but I can't get the link!".

Note - it's been a long time since I was in college.  I went to college long enough ago that it had just become common for students to carry handheld calculators - there was no such thing as a handheld computer back then.


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