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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-07-23
Owner Stacey
Title of the Dream EMP
Description of Dream

This is the second or third EMP dream I've had - where I'm basically in the midst of the chaos immediately after an EMP has occurred.

I had this dream in May of 2010.  Not many details remain, but the most notable ones, the ones that my brain INSISTED I remember when I came back to consciousness, were that people were living in unfinished apartment buildings, in the steel framework of buildings that had been abandoned, and that they had stacked plastic soda and water bottles between the steel girders to make walls.  An EMP had recently happened (within a few weeks - enough time for people to start adjusting, but not so much time that they were thriving in their new culture), and conditions were generally bleak.  The detail that was so striking to me was the way the bottles had been filled with water and stacked on their sides to be used as walls.  I have never seen that before, except in that dream.

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