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Created 2010-07-21
Owner Tami
Title of the Dream Virus in Susanville Ca
Description of Dream

In this dream I was an observer.  I was flying over mountains.  I seemed to zoom into the town of Susanville Ca.  I zoomed in to the town until I could see a group of sick people.  There was another group of people that were away from the town but were sharing my view of the sick people and talking about how the town was not yet aware of the virus and that they only had a small window of opportunity to destroy the town before news got out about the virus.  They were talking about ways to destroy the town in a way that would hide the contamination.  The group knew that the virus was pandemic.  They knew that it was going to destroy every thing and they had no way to stop it.  The only thing they could do was destroy the people before they become ill.  In the dream, this group of people were going to wipe out the town and then start wiping out every one else.  It seems that they were going to start some kind of environmental attach that would spread out from that town.  They wanted there to be a national fear of this event that would force people to stay home and be afraid to travel or even leave there houses to go to the store.  This was the only way that they could fight this virus was to make people isolate them selves.  I woke up while they were discussing how to destroy the town.  

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