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Created 2010-07-13
Owner dave-0
Title of the Dream national guard quartering
Description of Dream

I had this dream, very vivd, about two weeks ago (around June 28 timeframe).  It was very dark, like nightfall, and I was at my house with my two boys.  I don't know what happened to the wife or daughter, they weren't there.  The landscape was very roughed up and dirty, and between me and the boys, we were trying to decide what to do.  We were armed to the teeth but trying not to give it away, because we had national guard troops rolling up in some personnel carriers.  The sargeant or first officer was telling his men to get out and that 'this would be a good place to set up operations'.  I asked what the meaning was; they said they were taking our house and we had to provide for them.  The only thing I could say was that this was the same thing that helped the American Revolution, because what they were doing was the same thing as the Quartering Acts of 1765 (the colonists had to provide food and shelter for the British; a year or two later the Acts were modified so that the British could basically take what they wanted).  I was furious, and we were trying to decide whether to take a stand or pack up and leave.  I just didn't know if it would be worth it to try to take out the whole platoon.

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