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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-07-11
Owner mary
Title of the Dream rash nightmare
Description of Dream

Very vivid nightmare last night. It was a series of scenes of homes being invaded by military types. The purpose of the invasions seemed to be to have everyone leave, houses and property being claimed by those in control. If any dogs were present in the yard or home, they were immediately killed. Anyone who questioned the authority of the military types, the merest question or look, were immediately shot. I was not in the dream but was watching this series of episodes all with the same outcome. There were lines of people walking down roads away from the actions. The people walking were not allowed to take anything at all with them. Just go and right now. There was an awareness that no matter how prepared people thought they were, no matter how many supplies they had, it was all useless because of the overwhelming forces. It was clearly known in the dream that survival supplies were being confiscated and there was no regard for human life. Also, anyone who had ever been in the military was being called up to rejoin. If they did not come immediately, they were killed. I can not account for this nightmare by any movie or book or conversation. Vivid enough I awoke with lots of actual adrenaline in my system.  

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