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Created 2010-07-11
Owner JohnPM
Title of the Dream Special Forces and a Giant Moon
Description of Dream

July 11, 2010

The dream began with me at my parents’ house.  I was talking with them but don’t know what it was about because the conversation quickly changed.  I noticed a bright light behind me, kind of like the moon except that it moved really fast, so fast that I only briefly glimpsed the light.  I went over to the window and noticed that it was a full moon to the left, but then to the right was a giant version of a full moon at the time.  Size comparison wise if the regular moon was a manhole cover, this one was a baseball diamond.  After seeing this we of course had to go outside and get a better look.  It also seemed like the giant moon moved because we were staring at it out the back of the house, but when we went out front it was across the street over our neighbors’ houses.

        Everyone on that street, I assume everyone that could see it, came out of their houses for a look and there was a loud murmur like being at a sporting event or in a crowd of people.  The giant moon then got an overlay of the regions of the moon.  This then turned into a superimposing of an earth map on the moon.  Then finally it turned into a map of the earth.

        About this time I look down the street and I see commotion 2 or 3 houses down on the other side of the street.  It looks like a group of people are running into the house while the family and another group of people stand around outside.  Shortly after I notice this I find out what’s happening first hand because it is my parents’ house’s turn.  A group of 6 Special Forces type people dressed in black with guns start running into the house and don’t ask permission or serve any type of warrant or anything like that.  I ask my father, “This is unconstitutional isn’t it?”  He replies that it is and immediately had a gun drawn to his head.  This is when I notice that there are 6 more Special Forces people outside.  Then one tries to use the shoulder nerve pinch on me, but it doesn’t work and I spin around and put a different lock on her arm.  It must be someone I know because they laugh it off and I let them go rather than getting shot.

        Then patriotic music starts playing from the giant earth sphere and a voice comes over that they are looking for terrorists and to not be afraid.  They leave the house, but then I remember that my wife is visiting the house 2 houses down and across the street.  They won’t let me go down there, but they seem to have a strong interest in that house. I can see from where I’m at that they are going through a lot of boxes over there.

Time jumps to either the next day or even farther in the future.  I call my wife on her cell phone and she says she can’t talk at the moment because she’s not on a secure line.  She switches it to a secure line somehow and we are able to talk.  The basic gist of the conversation is that she is under house arrest there just because she was over there.  They don’t believe her to be a threat.  However the family that was there is being considered a level 1 terrorist.  She says we need to prepare to leave.  About that time I woke up.

The thing that makes this dream interesting other than content is that it is only told from one perspective, mine.  Normally when I dream it turns out like a movie where I see all people’s perspectives to keep the viewer informed and I have a tendency to have a camera view.  This one was all in the first person.  I also rarely take part as myself in my dreams.  My body will occasionally be used for other characters or as the main character, but it rarely as myself, more for visualization purposes.  I also rarely remember my dreams in such detail, but I was able to fall back asleep with only the thought that I should write it down and remembered it vividly when I woke up this morning.

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