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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-07-09
Owner Veritable Shift
Title of the Dream Chinese Gulag
Description of Dream

I was in a small room made of glass with a few Chinese officers in military garb. There were a few other prisoners awaiting cross examination. I wrote my mother an email on my laptop to say goodbye. I wrote "Mom, I'm in a Chinese Gulag. I love you!" and XXOO. I never finished sending the email, I heard "They're watching you." I was put on a stool before a couple officers and made to drink "pine sol" out of small cup knowing that it was supposed to me sick and forget where I was. But I didn't forget. They took me out of the room and into the greater compound. There were many rooms, eating halls, play rooms for children, and even an enclosed outdoor space. We wore badges everywhere we went and had to check in every time we entered a room or left. The bathroom stalls had no doors. I sat on the toilet while a woman watched me. I asked her for some privacy and she laughed and said, "Privacy? This is something you better get used to." Next to the bathroom I saw a room with a lady dying slowly on the floor and her two weak kids.  Out in the dining hall people I saw a friend of mine and yelled at him, "I told you we'd end up here." The people around me seemed generally happy, and  I didn't understand why until I started eating the food.  I became happier and I forgot where I was.  Then I met a woman who spoke to me in code. She said she chose me because I still seemed "awake."  She said don't eat the food, it's making you dumb. I asked her how she ended up here. She said that she went to the doctor for a cancer vaccine and they took her here and took away her baby. I stopped eating the food and thought about escape. But I knew if I tried they would kill me. Outside were towers with officers and machine guns. I saw an angry prisoner kill another prisoner with a swiss army knife. One of the officials standing by said in a sweet, laughing voice, "Oh, Andy, that's so depressing." We were allowed to kill each other; it seemed to be encouraged. I woke up thinking about ways to run. 

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