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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-06-29
Owner Shanjoy
Title of the Dream Martial Law
Description of Dream

On the evening of 6/24/10 I had a very vivid dream. At the beginning of the dream I was hanging out with my husband and friends that live in New York City.  They were visiting us in Missouri and we were having a great time catching up. While we were hanging out in a public park area that was surrounded by tall business buildings. Some military forces rounded us up and put us into a cave like room.  Some of our friends were alarmed but were actually joking about the situation as the didn't really comprehend the seriousness of what was happening. I was mad that they had picked me up so quickly and that I had no warning of the impending martial law. We were rounded up quickly and I had no idea why. There were about 20 people situated in this room and we were sitting in chairs. Nancy Pelosi spoke to the group and apologized for having to round us up and that she had hoped they wouldn't have to use the measure against Americans but essentialy the SHTF and that everyone was going to be rounded up and moved to camps.

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