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Created 2010-06-29
Owner kimthroughthelookingglass
Title of the Dream Attack in Amish farmland
Description of Dream

I had this dream while vacationing at my mom's beach house on the South River near Annapolis, Maryland on the evening of June 23 or 24.  Sorry I don't remember which night.  The setting was my home which is a mostly Amish farmland area, with small dairy, cattle and crop operations located in a place called Pleasant Valley, rolling green fields, hills, streams, bordered on the east by the Allegany Front.

The blue daytime sky seemed to have a lot of stars which began to fall and land as huge bombs/explosions.  People were running.  There was confusion and bloodshed.  Then soldiers arrived by truck and began taking the people onto the trucks or buses, which were two stories.  I, along with my husband and two boys were loaded onto a moving vehicle.  Inside the vehicle my husband quickly was taken elsewhere.  Then all the children were taken.  This caused an extreme amount of emotion.  The bombs which looked like tiny stars up in the sky continued to fall.  I don't know where we were going.

The dream ended with little more detail.  The transportation vehicle was mostly metal with a lot of green and reminded me of a submarine.

EXTREMELY VIVID.  Unlike any dream I have had since childhood.   Writing this is making my heart race. 

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