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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-06-05
Owner Marcus
Title of the Dream The Evil Politician
Description of Dream

This dream I had around October or November of '09. In it, I remember on TV there being a politican who won an election. He looked somewhat like Ron Paul, but he seemed somewhat younger (mid to late 50's?). He was shorter than average, about 5'6, not wide nor skinny, but inbetween, blue eyes, and he had thinning white/blond hair. He stood in front of a wooden podium where people where cheering, next to the American flag and behind a blue backdrop not uncommon to what we normally see during debates, and cameras where flashing. At first I felt happy this man had won, but as he was smiling and waving his grin became evil. Then I remember seeing a dark energy forming around the TV. I felt like only I could see this energy and his dark smile, then I seemed to get a message like whoever this man is seems like he'll fix everything, but he's evil.

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