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Created 2010-06-04
Owner Quinton
Title of the Dream Winds of Change
Description of Dream

My dream is disjointed in the beginning, jumping around various places with various people in my life... Not the real purpose of me posting this dream, but I'll try to describe as much as I can remember. I was, I believed, in my hometown of Sulphur, OK at the house of a ladyfriend of mine, but her house was different.. The walls were very tall and the room itself seemed squished together, and there was a mirror on the far wall... She was there, and as I had liked this girl for quite a while, she looked ravishing as always. My memory flashes now to a different house, something out of a Terry Gilliam movie, this house. I'm sitting inside at a round brightly colored wooden table and there are I think large sewing devices scattered about? Except old women are riding exercise bicycles to make them operate effectively.. Not sure what to make of that. My brother was there as well, for some reason. I remember after this strange environment to be running through alleys in what felt like a big city environment, New York City comes to mind, though I've never been there and Sulphur is about as dinky as it gets. A la, not many alleys to be running through. It was also pouring down rain and I seemed very upset about something...

I eventually find myself at a 4way intersection in my hometown next to the entrance to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, and the rain has stopped. The roads are all literally gone, or in shambles, and grass has grown up all through the concrete and around. There are people with tents scattered about the road and the intersection, camped out with fires lit; it's nighttime. I remember feeling like something had already happened or transpired, something momentous... But as I was walking through the tents, maybe searching for something or someone? I can't remember. Anyway as I was walking, I looked up over the treeline of the park, and the park itself is huge, going for miles and miles; it's Sulphur's largest and pretty much only tourist attraction. I look up over the treeline and notice that the sky seems to be orange-ish way off in the distance to the south, towards Dickson or Ardmore maybe. I remember feeling scared and tense at seeing this, and thoughts of "war", "nukes", and "fire" all sprung to my mind inside the dream. As I was staring at the sky in the distance, a very deliberate wind jettisoned through the treeline in front of me, swaying all the trees I could see, and as the wind passed through them, the leaves went from a deep green to a pure, snowy white, as SOON as the wind passed by. This I remember more than anything else, because it gave me chills and still does; after the wind blew through the trees, there was a voice that could have been a God's, but it resonated out of NOWHERE and seemed to permeate from EVERYWHERE, and it said "Winds of Change". At this, I remember feeling timid, as if I were in the presence of something akin to God. I was moved to tears and fell to my knees, and the dream ended soon after...

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