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Category Collapse Crash
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Created 2010-05-27
Owner Mattole
Title of the Dream Godzilla Arrives to Destroy Us
Description of Dream

This dream took place on the night of May 25-26th.

I am at a housing compound of some sort on the prarie about 20 miles east of Denver, Colorado. At first I am up in a tree with a chainsaw preparing to do some branch trimming but I don't feel well and so I rappel down the climbing rope to the ground. 

The dream shifts and I am inside the main house later in the evening. I feel restless and decide to go outside to look at the night sky. I look in the direction of the Denver skyline and see to my great surprise an enormous ball of orange fire roiling and rising over the skyline. It disappears and then suddenly the head of Godzilla emerges over the buildings. He is immense, at least a thousand feet tall. He is black and his face is deeply furrowed and fearsome looking. It is terrifying to behold. It seems that he is in the process of destroying Denver, although I do not actually see the destruction of buildings. Still, there is a feeling that he is unstoppable and that what I am witnessing is the beginning of the destruction of civilization.

I go into the house and report what I have seen. We look for a news report on the TV from local or national news but there is nothing like that being broadcast, just sitcoms and other silly stuff. I suspect a news blackout. Then John McCain walks into the room, looking grumpy as usual. I tell him what is going on and he makes a phone call to someone to confirm that there is indeed an attack and that it is not being reported on purpose. The answer is yes to both. We are being attacked and for some reason we are being kept in the dark about it. 

I go back outside along with several other people. A sense of dread and imminent destruction pervades the situation. We are trying to figure out what to do, where to go, what to bring with us. We feel that no place will be safe for humans, and that the world will be irreparably changed. Then I wake up. 

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