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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2011-01-28
Owner AnnM
Title of the Dream WWIII comes to the US
Description of Dream

1/28/2011 Dream from early last night.  I didn't get up and write it down at the time, so some parts are foggy.

Someone wins an award (Nobel Prize?) that helps kick things off.  We're not actively at war, but we know it's coming to us and we're planning.

I'm working (in real life I haven't had a job in 2 yrs) on war related software.  2 of my co-workers commit suicide within a few weeks.  Both had been to parties at another (female) co-workers house shortly before or at the time of the suicide.  I don't want to suspect her of something (she's nice and I have few other females to talk to), but it does seem far fetched that it would be a coincidence and neither co-worker had seemed the type to do something like that.

War related supplies and material are being transported across the country by train.  I stand on a hill overlooking the trains.  Maybe a train yard because there's multiple tracks (5 or 6) with large trains all headed west filled with coal, lumber, missiles, and supplies related to running a war.  (I live near the east coast so it makes sense that they're all headed west.)  There's a cloud of fog/smog over the train yard like maybe the trains have steam engines.

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