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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2011-01-23
Owner kristielee98
Title of the Dream Missile or comet strike
Description of Dream

Just woke up from a series of really disturbing dreams.   The first dream had to do with something dramatic that I was having to face in the coming morning.   Something/someone was coming to pick me up.  Not sure if I had done something wrong, but there was darkness and an ominous feeling.   Can't remember too much about that... however, the next part was frightening enough to wake me up (which never happens).   I was riding in either some type of bus or RV in the passenger seat to the right of the driver.   We were traveling on a flat road, where you could see for miles upon miles ahead.   Something brought our attention to a white contrail that may have been following a missile, a plane, an asteroid that was falling in a completely straight line down to earth, and then we saw a huge explosion with clouds of smoke, maybe dust/dirt billowing out for miles and miles.  We were dumbstruck.  We knew something terrible had happened and I had a feeling of abject dread, fear, and awe.  And I woke up. 

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